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Inpatient Acute Care

Inpatient Acute Care

Inpatient Acute Care

The Tree House (ages 2-12) and Maple Meadow (ages 13 and over) are Cedar Springs Hospital’s acute inpatient programs for young patients who suffer from a psychiatric disorder so severe they require intensive 24-hour care. These programs give children and adolescents a welcoming environment in which they can learn to cope with their issues.

We utilize a treatment approach that meets young patients on their own cognitive and developmental landscape. Our staff is mindful of the many stressors present at early ages and focuses on teaching coping skills patients can use the rest of their lives.

Family participation is highly encouraged to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome. We emphasize stabilization so the patient can step down to a less restrictive level of care such as the residential psychiatric or half-day program.

Program Components

  • Diagnostic and evaluation services
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Intensive milieu therapy
  • Occupational and recreational therapy
  • Individualized education services
  • Case management and discharge planning

Criteria for Admission

Child and adolescent patients appropriate for our inpatient acute programs exhibit significant impairment in functioning at home, school and with peers. This may include:

  • Danger to self or others
  • Serious impairment in judgment
  • Poor reality testing

Give Us a Call

Assessments and referrals are available 24/7 by phone at 719-633-4114 and online form. For military programs, please call 719-210-0534 or use our military referral form.