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Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Services We Provide for Mental Health and Drug Addiction Treatment in Colorado Springs, CO

Cedar Springs Hospital provides a continuum of care for adults age 18 and older who suffer from psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. Because every patient’s condition and treatment needs are different, we offer multiple levels of care and design individualized treatment plans. This includes drug addiction treatment in Colorado Springs, CO, so our doctors, nurses, and therapists can work with each individual according to their needs.

The results of a no cost, confidential assessment determine the program to which a patient is admitted. After graduating from an acute or residential program, patients are encouraged to transition to a less intensive level of care for continued progression.

The Impact of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse breaks the bonds of trust between people we depend on. There is trust between an individual, their family, friends, and themselves. When these bonds get broken, it only works to alienate the person even more and isolate them.

Our programs bring them back into the community, first, into a substance abuse clinic where the trust builds between the individual and their caregivers. As issues are resolved, the trust extends to others who suffer from addiction, the world at large, and the individual patient. We are here to help rebuild that trust.

Our Adult Program Continuum

Our inpatient programs provide customized services tailored to each patient’s needs. Depending on the situation and condition of the patient, we recommend the level of care that is needed at that precise time. As treatment proceeds and the patient responds, our facility offers other levels of care that help each individual move through the continuum until they are safe and are drug-free as well as have the tools.

Inpatient acute care – At this stage of treatment, a patient is admitted to our facility where they receive services from our trained personnel around the clock. This is a short-term option individuals experiencing mental health crises or severe addiction problems.

Inpatient rehabilitation – A patient lives on the grounds of our facility for access to medical professionals and services that help them to stop using substances that led to their addiction.

Partial hospitalization – This is a transitional stage where a patient spends part of the time at the hospital learning to cope with mental illness or addiction in the outside world.

Intensive Outpatient – Each weekday, a patient comes to our hospital to reinforce what they have learned and apply it to living in the real world. At this stage of the program, we work with patients to avoid relapsing into addiction and define coping skills to maintain safety.

Contact us today to find out how our mental health and substance abuse treatment can help you or someone you love. We proudly serve customers in Colorado Springs, Colorado and from all over the country.

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Assessments and referrals are available 24/7 by phone at 719-633-4114 and online form. For military programs, please call 719-210-0534 or use our military referral form.