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Facility School

Facility School

Facility School

The Southgate School at Cedar Springs Hospital provides our young patients with a unique learning experience they can apply to all aspects of life. This facility school is advanced accredited by the Colorado Department of Education, and all teachers are licensed and highly qualified in their content areas with special education endorsements.

Middle and high school students are enrolled in language arts, physical education, history, science, math and affective needs classes according to their tested academic levels and graduation requirements. Elementary school students are also taught based on tested academic levels in writing, reading, math, computer skills and affective needs. If a student’s needs cannot be met in one of these classes, we work with the school district to ensure that they stay on track for graduation at their home school.

Residential students receive 32.5 hours of school per week. We may have up to 36 residential students.

Acute care patients receive 4 hours of school five days per week. We may have up to 36 acute care students.

This program is certified by TRICARE®.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities such as art shows, spelling bees and talent shows give students an opportunity to engage with their peers and the community. A student-written newsletter is sent to parents, guardians and hospital staff monthly to inform stakeholders in upcoming and completed school events.

Student council is available to all residential students who reach “Community Leader” level (18 days of safe behavior). Members recycle, pick up trash, collect cans for Care and Share and raise money for the American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart. The student council also organizes, plans and advertises student extra-curricular activities.

Parent & Community Involvement

Teachers call parents and guardians monthly to give positive comments on their child’s academics and behavior. Loved ones are kept informed of school activity through the student-written monthly newsletter. We encourage parents to attend extracurricular activities throughout the year.

Give Us a Call

Assessments and referrals are available 24/7 by phone at 719-633-4114 and online form. For military programs, please call 719-210-0534 or use our military referral form.